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Tractor Equipment

Vigolo TK2/R 160 Flail Mower.  Working width 1600 mm. 

The reversible shredder TK2/R can be used either on the front or back of the tractor. When positioned on the front, it allows material to be shredded without being run over by the tractor’s wheels. It also means other equipment can be used in conjunction with the shredder on the back of the tractor for combined work.

VIGOLO was founded in 1963 by Luigi Vigolo, father of Flavio, the current administrator of the company. As a manufacturing company on behalf of third parties, and began its production of agricultural machinery in 1964 by constructing the first rotary cultivators in Italy. From the production of millers, the VIGOLO range soon expanded to the production of both fixed and folding rotary harrows, rotary stalk crushers, rotary pruning crushers, post-hole diggers and sub-soilers. Ever since the company’s founding, its primary objective has been the production of indestructible agricultural machinery, and the current range of VIGOLO products is renowned for its reliability.

VIGOLO has been exporting its equipment since 1969, and now exports account for 75% of its total sales. Competition in the international market has lead VIGOLO to develop an increasingly accurate quality control system. The VIGOLO factory occupies 28,000 square meters, 12,000 of which are roofed, and is equipped with numerous technologically avant-garde production machines and systems, from the completely automated casehardening and hardening system for shafts and gears to the latest-generation robotised welding system. The majority of the components for the equipment is produced internally in order to ensure productive versatility, rapid improvements, and guaranteed productive quality.


This Vigolo TK2/R was purchased last season (2017) and has only been used twice. The price last year was £3420 + vat. Unfortunately the machine turned out to be too large for the job, so the customer has purchased a smaller machine for his needs from us. He is selling this machine for £2500.00 No VAT So if you are looking for a very good condition FRONT/REAR Flail mower call us today 01404 841820 for more details

Working Width - 1600cm, Width - 1725cm,  40 - 60HP, Weight 340kg, 28 Hammer flails

Listed 27/04/2018