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Small Holding Equipment
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Hedge Cutters

RSP £4995.00 +VAT

GEO - Model: AM 80 GEO - Model: AM 80 Hedge Cutter

• For tractors 25-50 HP tractors (18-37 kW)

• Chopping haed with rollover system

• Self-cleaning roller leveler with adjustable height

• Direct transmission to the rotor

• Front protection with removable head

• CE safety guards

Recommended oil: ISO46

GEO - Model: AM 80

 Working width (80cm) A 270cm, B 330cm ,C220 cm, D 205cm, E 205cm Lift angle190                                                                   Oil capacity 55ltr

Flail Hedge Cutter AM60 60cm Wide

£4,500.00 inc VAT