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The FM120 Paddock Flail Mower is the perfect tool for the tackling heavy weed removal, cutting back rushes & general paddock mowing & maintenance on farms, smallholdings & estates. With its 1.2m (4') cutting width, the FM120 Flail mower is a self-powered atv flail mower suitable for towing behind any vehicle, and is the perfect machine for paddock & field maintenance, with the ability to shred almost any material.

The FM120 Flail Mower by Chapman Machinery is designed from the outset to tackle tough mowing tasks including mowing on rough, wet & boggy ground where a heavier mounted unit could become stuck. The combination of a lightweight towing vehicle such as an ATV, UTV or 4x4, and the low weight of the FM120 ATV/UTV Flail Mower in comparison to alternative flail mower options such as mounted units, allows the toughest tasks to be tackled with ease. Built to be exceptionally tough, yet have a low ground pressure for easy towing, the FM120 Flail Mower can go where other machines may falter.

The compact design of the flail topper keeps the mass low to the ground for stability, and allows cutting easily beneath trees and overhanging branches.  the  high-quality 21hp Honda GX630 engine. Furthermore, if you have specific requirements from your machine, we can source a range of power plants & accessories to tailor the product to your specific requirements & budget.

All machines are fitted with a rear roller & centrifugal clutch as standard - features which are optional on inferior brands, to ensure your machine lasts longer and works harder for you.

Chapman Machinery FM120 Flail Mower Rear Roller Rotor

Made from heavy-duty profiled 4mm EN43A Plate and 8mm EN43 laser cut plate, the FM120 is built to last. All bearings are fitted outside the flail mower deck for ease of maintenance & replacement & feature integral grease points which can easily be accessed without having to remove covers.

21hp Honda GX630, V-Twin, petrol, electric start, engine mounted controls (Remote Controls Option)

Height 0.6-1.0m
Width 2.02m (W/ 22x11x8 low ground pressure tyres)
Depth 1.4m
Cutting Width 1.2m (4')
Weight 235-270 kg
Cutting Height 20-275mm
Centrifugal Clutch Cut-in 1650rpm
Rotor RPM 2100rpm
Number of Flails 20-40 Pairs


Technical Specifications FM120


Electric Start & Remote Controls - Adds remote electric start.

Rear Skirt - Prevents foreign objects being ejected rearwards at speed.

Break Bar - Helps feed thick material like rushes and bracken into the flail mower for a cleaner cut.

Adjustable Chop Control - Adds a fixed cutter bar to control material chop size when mulching.

ATV Flail Mowers


- FM120 - 1.2m (4') Cut Width, Honda GX630 V-Twin, Electric start - FM150 - 1.5m (5') Cut Width, Honda GX630 V Twin electric start Range