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Chapman FM120 Flail Mower Geo-Agric ATV120 Flail Mower


ATV Flail Mowers

Winton WAT120 Flail Mower Sch fm42 Flail Mower

Chapman FM120 Flail Mower

£4400.00 + vat

Chapman FM150 Flail Mower

£4750.00 +vat

GEO ATV120 Flail Mower

£2230.00+ vat

Our Price from £1495.00 + vat

Winton WAT120 Flail Mower


Sch fm42 Flail Mower

£2890.00 + vat

SCH FM48 Flail Mower

£3539.00 + vat

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Winton WAT120 RF Flail Mower


New model with rear flap to allow faster cutting of longer grass and cut belt wear under heavy conditions

Limited stock until New Year

15 hp Loncin Engine

Wheels to back or side

Rear Flap opens for better discharge under heavy conditions

Spring Deals on all our ATV & Tractor mounted Flail and topping mowers

FREE Delivery

Free PTO shaft with Tractor mounted machines.

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